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Nobody reads this...

2010-11-20 22:35:44 by fallinfrog

So i am making a post here to announce "The fallinfrog Game", as my next project for It's been a few years since SitG 3, so I'm anxious to return to the world of making games, releasing them, and waiting for feedback to come in.

When I look at my 3 games on this site, (which I don't believe TMNT Dance Party is a game),
I feel like I can definitely do better than this. I have more potential, I just need to apply myself more. I have a new computer. I'm better at drawing, using a tablet, animating, coding, and game design all around.

Someday I am going to quit my day job and get paid to do this.


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2010-11-20 22:47:36

Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! I read it! Your world may now commence crumbling to dust around you... but, ya know good luck with the game, I'm sure that limbo has wi-fi. ;)


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